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Welcome, welcome.

Mostly this is a community for anyone and everyone who is a fan of the Hatori/Ayame pairing in Fruits Basket, or just the two characters in general. Do not join or proceed further if you are allergic to shounen-ai/yaoi/slash/whatever you want to call it.

Feel free to join and post, though there are a few basic rules:

  1. No flaming. If you have contrasting views with someone else, that's fine. There is no toleration for unwarranted attacks.
  2. For longer posts, spoilers, fanart, fanfics, or particularly controversial subject matter please use the "lj-cut" feature. (instructions here.)
  3. Off topic posts, random babbling, introductions, etc. are allowed, just don't overindulge.
  4. Any other discussions about the series are also welcome.
  5. Have fun! That's pretty much what this is all about, right?

If you're looking for something to read, try checking the memories.

Hatori/Ayame are admirable love