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In the Dark (Part 13)

Title: In the Dark (Part 13)

Author: amythest_n_ice

Pairing: Ayame/Hatori

Rating: 15ish

Spoilers/Warnings: nope


Link to Part 12

“Did he see you?” Shigure asked, startled.


“It looks like it, I’ll have to wait until he’s more alert to check his eyesight properly,” he said, pressing the back of his fingers lightly to the side of Aaya’s face, feeling the heat he was still radiating.


“His temperature doesn’t seem to be coming down at all, I think I might need to try him on another antibiotic too,” he sighed, putting his thermometer in place as he listened to Ayame’s chest, frowning at the congested sound of his breathing.


The thermometer bleeped quietly, and he checked the temperature it showed, sighing deeply as he realized it was actually up a little.


“Come on Aaya, fight back, I really don’t want to have to take you back to the hospital,” he said softly.


He ripped the sterile packaging off the IV line and connected it to the Saline bag, hanging it from a hook in the wall that usually held a picture, before deftly slipping the needle into Ayame’s arm, taping it in place.


“’Gure, stay with him, please, make sure he doesn’t yank the IV if he wakes up again, I’ll be back as soon as I can,” he said.


“Of course,” Shigure nodded, coming over to take his place at the side of the bed.


Hatori grabbed a spare prescription pad from the drawer in his study, and hurried off to the hospital.


Shigure took Ayame’s limp hand in his, stroking his wrist gently.


“Come on Aaya-chan, you’re worrying him, you don’t want to do that after you finally got him to love you back do you?” he sighed.



Yuki looked up from his homework when Shigure came home later.


“You’re late, Honda-san saved you some dinner,” he said.


“I had to wait with Aaya while Hatori ran to the hospital to pick some things up,” he replied.


“Is ‘nii-san worse,” Yuki asked, alarmed.


“So-so, he needed to change the antibiotics and get something to help his breathing. If he were that worried, he would have taken Aaya back to the hospital,” he pointed out.


“I suppose so, Honda-san is still in the kitchen, she’s making something for us to take tomorrow for ‘nii-san,” he said.


Shigure nodded and went to the kitchen, seeing Tohru standing at the counter chopping vegetables into fine chunks.


“Oh, Shigure-san, you’re back, I’ll just get your dinner out of the oven,” she said, making to put the knife she was using down.


“That’s fine, Honda-san, you’re busy. I can get it out,” he said, picking up the oven gloves and taking the plate that was warming in the oven out.


“Is Ayame-san feeling any better?” she asked.


“Not really, but I’m sure what you’re making him will help him feel a lot better,” he smiled.


“I hope so,” she said, going back to her chopping.



Hatori woke with a start as light started to filter into the bedroom, and realized that Ayame had been watching him sleep, his golden eyes still tired and a little hazy, but clearly watching him over the rim of the oxygen mask.


“Hey, you with us now?” he asked running his fingers over Aaya’s forehead, smiling. He was still warm, but he felt cooler than he had done, the new antibiotic seemed to be working.


Ayame’s hand lifted toward the mask, obviously intending to remove it, and Hatori gently but firmly stopped him.


“You need to keep that on, ok?”


Ayame frowned, but he nodded fractionally, allowing Hatori to press his hand back down.


“What happened?” he asked, his voice muffled and still slightly breathless, but understandable.


“You have a chest infection, you’ve had a rough couple of days, but you’re on the mend now. I got your inhalers for you, they’re here, if you have trouble breathing even with the oxygen on,” he said, pointing to the cabinet at the head of the bed.


“Ok. I can see you again,” he said, reaching weakly to touch Hatori’s face.


“Yeah, your head injury is getting better too. I’ll check you over before Shigure and Yuki come,” he said, stroking through the long white hair gently.


“Ok,” he nodded.


Hatori checked him over, and then returned to his perch at the side of the bed, curling his fingers around Ayame’s lightly.


“Ok, you’re doing a little better. Your temperature is down to just under 100 again, but your breathing is still quite forced. I want you to stay in this bed today, sleep as much as you can, eat something, and drink plenty of water. I’m going to leave the IV in anyway, if you need to get up to use the bathroom, you will ask ‘Gure for help. Clear?”


“Hai,” Ayame said, smiling faintly.


“You do ok today, and I’ll see about letting you up tomorrow,” he said, leaning down to kiss his forehead lightly.


“Aw, that is so sweet,” an amused voice came from the doorway.


Hatori looked back over his shoulder and glared at Shigure.


“Shut up,” he said bluntly.


“You wound me,” Shigure said, sailing across the room and nudging him aside to fawn over Ayame.


“Don’t tempt me,” Hatori muttered, shooting him another glare, but Shigure wasn’t paying the slightest attention.


“My, Aaya-chan, you’re starting to look more like your normal, radiant self,” he said over dramatically, clutching one pale hand to his chest.


Ayame looked at him in amusement, seeing Hatori roll his eyes as he left the room, he whapped Shigure lightly on the head.


“Bad doggy,” he snorted, coughing slightly.


Shigure’s eyes went serious suddenly, and he looked down at him.


“He told me that he had kissed you,” he said.


One fine eyebrow raised, but Ayame said nothing to that, waiting to see where his old friend was going with this.


“He had better treat you right, Aaya; I don’t want him to hurt you any more.”


“’Gure, he has never deliberately hurt me, and I don’t think he ever will, we’ll work it out together,” Ayame sighed.


“I guess, as long as you’re happy Aaya.”


“I am.”



Hatori moved quietly away from the bedroom doorway, not sure how he felt about Shigure still wanting to protect Ayame from him. Walking into the kitchen, he saw Yuki putting a covered container in the fridge.


“Honda-san made ‘nii-san some broth, like she promised, is he up to eating it?” he asked.


“Yes, he’s doing a lot better today. I’ll give you the instructions, I trust you to take them more seriously. He’s confined to bed still, he isn’t to get up at all without help, he can eat the broth, he must drink plenty of water, he can’t take the oxygen mask off, except to eat and drink and he mustn’t pull the IV out, he knows where his inhalers are if he needs them. His sight is coming back, so if he is bored he can have a magazine to look at, but don’t give him a book, until his sight is fully back to normal, it will only give him a headache to try to focus down on the small print,” he said.


“He…he can see again?”


“Yes, I would have thought Shigure would have mentioned that last night, that we thought his sight was coming back.”


“He didn’t say a thing. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure he does as he’s told,” Yuki nodded.


“Good, thanks. I have to get ready for work,”


“All right, I’ll make him some breakfast, is cereal ok for him?”


“That’s fine,” Hatori nodded, leaving the room again.


Yuki put together a tray with cereal, milk and a glass of water, and taking a deep breath, he went to face his brother. Now that he could speak to him again, what was he going to say?



Tags: fic
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