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In the Dark (Part 11)


Title: In the Dark (Part 11)

Author: amythest_n_ice

Paring: Ayame/Hatori, other m/m

Rating: 16ish

Spoilers/Warnings: Sex, not graphic.

Link to Part 10
Link to Part 12


Hatori barreled into the bedroom, seeing Haru trying to pin a hysterical and violently struggling Ayame to the mattress. Hatori immediately realized what part of the problem was.


“Haru-kun, stop holding him down,” he barked firmly.


Haru jumped back as if scalded, leaving Ayame free to scramble off the low bed. Hatori caught him as soon as he was upright, feeling Ayame’s knees give way even as he tried to struggle free of the light embrace.


“Aaya, stop it, it’s me,” he said, close to the younger man’s ear.


Ayame tensed briefly, then stilled, allowing Hatori to take his weight.


“Tori?” he whimpered, his voice hoarse.


“Yes, it’s me. Easy koi, I’m going to put you back in the bed.”


“Someone grabbed me, Tori, I couldn’t get away, and I was so cold,” Ayame gasped as he was lowered gently back to the mattress.


“I know, but we have you now, you’re safe now,” Hatori said, pulling the covers back up, and getting a good look at Ayame.


His normally pale face was flushed, and tendrils of hair were stuck to his forehead and cheek with perspiration. Hatori gently brushed the hair away, feeling the heat in his skin. He hoped it was just the struggle against Haru that was making him feel so over heated, but the fact that his breathing wasn’t calming yet made him doubt it. Hatori deliberately pitched his voice out of Ayame’s hearing range as he spoke to Haru.


“How long was he struggling, before I came in?”


“Not long, he freaked pretty much as soon as he woke up, you were in the room in under a minute. He was already too hot when I pinned him down,”


“All right, can you two give me a few minutes; I need to check him over. Can you stop Shigure and Yuki coming in too?” he asked.


“Of course,” Haru said as he ushered Momiji from the room.


Hatori grabbed his thermometer and stethoscope, moving over to sit on the edge of the bed.


“Aaya, I’m going to check you over now, just take it easy for me. Ok?”


Ayame nodded faintly, and Hatori slipped a cover onto the thermometer, pressing it into Ayame’s ear. The snake flinched slightly, but lay still, allowing Hatori to check his temperature. The gadget bleeped softly to indicate it was done, and Hatori pulled it back, frowning at the reading, it was up, sitting at just under 100ºF. He was concerned by how fast his temperature had come up; Ayame had still been rather cool when he had gone outside. Putting his stethoscope on, he peeled back the blankets enough to slide the end inside Ayame’s night shirt.


“Breathe in,” he ordered gently.


Ayame obeyed, coughing slightly as he tried to hold the breath.


“And out.”


Ayame let the breath go, coughing harder this time, and Hatori rubbed the thin chest soothingly until the cough eased off.



The others had migrated to the kitchen when Hatori came out of Ayame’s room, sitting around the table with mugs of tea.


“How is he?” Yuki asked.


Hatori guided him out of the room, not really bothered when Shigure quietly followed. He already knew about Aaya’s health issues.


“He’s showing the first signs of an RTI. I’ve put the temperature in the room up, and given him a hefty dose of antibiotics. I’m hoping we can stop this in its tracks. The last thing we need is an asthma flare up, given the fact he very rarely remembers to pick his inhalers up at the best of times.”


“Nii-chan doesn’t have asthma does he?” Yuki asked with a frown.


“Not the way you do, no. He only has problems after suffering from severe colds, flu, or chest infections. He is a total brat about remembering to carry his inhalers though,” Hatori sighed.


“But you think you’ve caught it in time?” Shigure asked.


“I’m hoping. The speed the fever and breathing problems came on worries me, what he’s been through the last few days could have given his immune system a battering. He really could have done without the stress of Kureno abducting him and dumping him in the cold.”


“This is all my fault,” Yuki groaned, slumping onto the arm of the sofa.


“This isn’t your fault,” Shigure objected.


“Yes it is, if I hadn’t startled him, made him fall from the ladder, none of this would be happening.”


“Yuki, he was FINE, up until Akito decided to stick his oar in, he was perfectly safe and healthy aside from the blindness. This is Akito’s fault, or possibly mine for being stupid enough to take him out of the house, but not yours,” Shigure said firmly.


“I’d stick with blaming Akito, personally. If he weren’t so spiteful and vengeful, nothing else would have mattered. Ayame is sleeping now, and I’d rather he stay asleep till morning. You should all go home, get some sleep. I’d appreciate it if you could both come tomorrow and watch over him while I’m working though. Shigure, if you would take my car, and drop the others off, you can bring it back in the morning.”


“Of course, Haa-san,” Shigure said.


As soon as the others were gone, Hatori went round doing a more thorough security check than he ever had before, ensuring that every door and window was locked. As soon as he was done, he went through to Ayame’s room, turning off all the lights as he went. He left the low light in the corner of the room on so he could see if Ayame had any problems during the night, then stretched out on a bedroll beside the futon, settling into a light sleep.



Akito reclined on his bed, waiting for Kureno to come back. A light tap on the door signaled the arrival of his servant.


“Come,” he called.


Kureno entered, shutting the door behind him and falling down on one knee, bowing his head.


“It’s late, Kureno, come here,” Akito sighed.


Kureno rose, removing his clothes and folding them neatly over a chair in the corner of the room before joining Akito in the bed, lying still to wait for Akito to decide what he wished for.


“The snake?” Akito questioned, one hand drifting lightly down Kureno’s chest.


“He lives. He was found by the cat, and returned to the dragon.”


“Who else assisted them?”


“The rabbit, the dog, the cow, and the rat, as well, I believe, the female.”


“The normal? Honda?”




“Hmm, I will have to figure a delicious way to discipline them for interfering in my will. Although, it is perhaps for the best that the snake lived, the bothersome chaos that surrounds the birth of new juunishi gives me a headache, women wailing about the curse falling on their children.”


“I believe the snake and the dragon are very close to forming a relationship,” Kureno said, and then winced, wishing he had waited until Akito’s hand was elsewhere before imparting that bit of news as his grip tightened on Kureno’s manhood.


“Are you certain?”


“His concern when he returned to find the snake missing was more than that of a friend or doctor. It was the fear of someone missing something important.”


Kureno was shocked when Akito chuckled darkly, flopping back on the bed. He propped up on one elbow, looking down at his master.




“The First Alliance,” was all Akito said.


“I…I don’t understand,” Kureno said.


“Nor should you,” Akito growled, slapping his hand down on the light switch and plunging the room into darkness. He didn’t want to think about the First Alliance tonight. Grabbing the tube from under the pillow, he yanked the cap off, and started to roughly prepare the rooster.



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WOAH! Akito and the Rooster? (even though that doesn't work with the manga where Akito's a girrrliee) But then again, when he's a guy it makes sense =D
Love the chapter, glad you updated
*grin* thank you, glad you like it. Really, it has to be Kureno if Akito wants to get laid, he's the only one that doesn't seem horrified at the thought of being in the same room as him, lol.
Ah see, I don't know about that~ Aparently Shigure and Akito had something going on