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In the Dark (Part 2)


Title : In the Dark (Part 2)

Author : amythest_n_ice

Pairing : Will be Aaya/Tori

Spoilers/warnings : nope

Link to Part 1
Link to Part 3


Much talking in this chapter, another shock for Yuki, and Tohru proves she isn’t QUITE as oblivious as she seems to what is going on around her.



Yuki sat back down in his chair with a thump, looking up at Hatori dumbly.


“What do you mean, blind?” He finally stuttered.


“There was some swelling caused by the impact when he hit his head, and the optic nerve is being compressed by the pressure. This means the signals can’t get through to his brain properly.”


“When will he be able to see again, Hatori-san?” Tohru asked, nervously patting Yuki’s tense shoulder.


“We don’t know. Until the swelling goes down, we can’t know if the damage done to the optic nerve is permanent or not. Normally in cases like this we would be able to give the patient drugs to help reduce the swelling faster, but we don’t have that option here, he’s allergic to too many chemicals to risk it.” Hatori sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose against the incipient headache,


“Haa-san, how the hell is he going to understand what’s going on around him?” Shigure asked.


“I don’t know, you and I will just have to make sure he’s not alone at all so that we can help him cope.”


“What are you talking about? Why only you two?” Yuki asked suspiciously.


“What?” He demanded when he realized that the two older men were looking at him in a combination of shock and discomfort that he didn’t like in the slightest.


“Don’t you know?” Shigure asked.


“Know what, damn it?”


“Shigure, hush. If he doesn’t know, we can’t tell him, you know we can’t. Ayame would never trust us again.”


“Tell me what, what the hell are you two hiding?”


“Is it because Ayame-san is deaf?” Tohru asked very quietly.


All three men turned to stare at her, stunned.


“What makes you think that?” Shigure gasped.


“It’s just the way he is, it seems obvious to me. If I’m wrong, I apologize for any offence,” she said, blushing and bowing her head.


“You have caused no offence, Tohru-san. It is just very unusual for anyone to notice. I’m not entirely certain Akito-san even knows.”


“But, when I went into the shop, I startled him when I started yelling, and you talk to him, when his back is to you, Hatori-san.”


“He isn’t totally deaf, there are some things he can hear, if they are over a certain volume, or at a certain pitch. He can hear me if I don’t vary my pitch much when talking to him, and he can sometimes hear Shigure, depending on how shrill or loud he is being. He mostly depends on lip reading to know what people are saying, and if you went in yelling, then I bet you slammed the door open too. It was probably the movement of the door that startled him if he was concentrating on something else.”


“God, this is all my fault.” Yuki moaned, burying his face in his hands.


“No, it isn’t. Knowing Aaya-chan, there was a reason you wanted to yell at him.” Shigure smirked.


“Seems so stupid now. Apparently he had volunteered to do the costumes for the schools winter production, because I was going to be in it,” Yuki said, scrubbing his hands through his hair.


“Can I see him?” He asked Hatori.


“Come on, I’ll take you in, he’ll need to know you’re there.” Hatori said, ushering Yuki along the corridor and leaving the other two to wait for them.


“OK, just so you know before you get in there, his eyes are covered to protect them.” Hatori warned before opening the door.






The room was dimly lit when they went in, the only light from a small lamp on over the bed so that the medical staff could see what they were doing in the room. Ayame was huddled against the pillows at the top of the bed, curled up in a little ball with his arms wrapped around his legs and his head down, and Yuki felt a shiver. This fragile, frail looking figure with bandaged eyes wasn’t what he ever expected to see when he looked at his brother. Ayame was always loud, bright, cheerful and on the move.


“Aaya-chan, you’re not going to be able to sleep like that, come on, lie properly.” Hatori ordered, moving quietly to the bedside and resting a light hand on his friend’s shoulder, encouraging him to uncurl. For the first time, Yuki really noticed the difference in the way Hatori talked to Ayame, compared to other people, the level, even tone.


Hatori straightened the covers over Ayame, then took his hand lightly.


“Aaya, Yuki-chan is here, he’s going to sit with you for a little while, OK?”


Yuki felt bad about the panic he saw flit over his elder brother’s face. If he had allowed Ayame to start building bridges with him, then his brother might have felt more comfortable about telling Yuki he was deaf.


“He knows about your hearing Aaya, Honda-san had figured it out, you don’t have to worry about not being able to hear him. He’s going to take your other hand now, and he’ll just sit with you until you fall asleep.”


Yuki took his brother’s free hand in his and sat at the side of the bed, feeling the cold, thin fingers nervously close around his.


“Good. Go to sleep Ayame, and I’ll come pick you up in the morning.”

Ayame nodded, and Hatori nodded once at Yuki and withdrew from the room, leaving the brothers alone.


“I am so sorry.” Yuki whispered as he looked at his brother, but of course, the words went unheard. Things made more sense to him now, the way Ayame seemed to desperate to make things up to him, but seemed to ignore it when Yuki yelled at him, now he knew the truth, that unless Ayame was facing him, he had no idea he was talking to him at all.  Now he sat in silence, holding Ayame’s hand gently, and watching as he slowly fell asleep.  Once he was sure Ayame was sleeping, he slipped back out to where the others waited.




Not too much dumped on poor Aaya, I hope,

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