neroon15 (neroon15) wrote in hatoyame,

Fic Idea for Someone

Hey, I have a great idea!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately I don't write fanfiction ideas, but I'm good at giving others ideas. So for anyone out there who is willing to indulge someone who thinks this would be cute, cool, and sad, can someone like a Little Mermaid hatori/ayame set in the fruits basket universe not AU. Don't make anyone a mermaid, but perhaps make a situtition that is is similar. Maybe even get Yuki and Shigure in on the plot. I can see that would be kinda funny! However, i do want some of a suffering ayame and romance here not just comedy please!! Please respond if you can do this. It doesn't have to overly long, but a good enough length where it doesn't seem like a relationship to fall into place like that. Thank you and please consider. Eagerly waiting your responses.
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