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In the Dark (Part 6)


Title: In the Dark (Part 6)

Author: amythest_n_ice

Pairing: Will be Hatori/Ayame

Rating: PG at the moment

Spoilers/Warnings: Nope
Link to Part 5
Link to Part 7


Hatori hurried into the kitchen, knotting his tie as he walked. Aaya was sitting alone at the table, half heartedly picking at some dry toast. He sat in the chair beside him, lightly catching his hand.


“Ayame-chan, I have to go. Shigure-san and Yuki-chan are going to be here in about half an hour. Do you want me to walk you to the sitting room before I go?”


“I can get there myself.”


“OK, be careful how you go, Aaya-chan, mind your footing. I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself.”


“Hai, Tori-san.”


Hatori went to rise, and then hesitated, sinking back into the chair.


“Are you all right, Aaya? You’re very quiet this morning.”


“I’m fine, Tori-san.”


“No, you’re not. I really do have to go right now, but I’ll talk to you tonight. Take it easy Aaya.” He squeezed the slender wrist lightly and left the younger man alone.


Ayame let his head hang forward, feeling tears threatening. He couldn’t stop them falling, dashing them away with one delicate hand. He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to stop himself saying something stupid to Hatori while he was here with him, and more to the point, he wasn’t sure he wanted to. He couldn’t stand this much longer, fighting what he felt for Hatori, knowing he could make the older Juunishi happy if he was just given half a chance. He knew Shigure was only trying to protect him, but it hurt more and more every day.


A hand on his shoulder startled him, and he flinched.




Yuki sighed, wondering at the best way to communicate with Ayame, he knew he shouldn’t have come here alone, but Shigure was held up with his editor, and was going to be late. He grasped Ayame’s hand, pressing it to the side of his face, and then shook his head.


“Yuki-chan?” Ayame asked, getting the hint.


There was a nod this time, and Ayame smiled faintly, and pulling his hand away to try to brush away the evidence that he had been crying. Yuki wished there was something he could do for his brother, it hurt strangely, to see him so miserable. He had always thought it would be nice to see some of the over-enthusiasm knocked out of his older brother, but seeing him like this was horrible.


“I wish you could hear me.” Yuki sighed.


“Yuki-chan, would it be too much trouble for you to find my hair brush? I think Tori-san may have left it in the living room somewhere.”


Yuki raised an eyebrow at the thought of Hatori brushing his brother’s hair, and then smirked to himself. Shigure didn’t think that Hatori could feel the same way for Ayame as Ayame felt for him, but how much more intimate could you get than brushing his hair. He might not realize it himself yet, but Hatori was just as much in love as Ayame was.


Yuki hooked an arm under Ayame’s elbow and guided him from the seat, leading him to the sitting room, and handing him his brush. He left Ayame brushing his hair, and went back to the kitchen to clean up the breakfast things.


“Finally escaped my editor,” Shigure said cheerfully half an hour later as he let himself in through the kitchen door.


“Where’s Aaya-chan?” He asked.


“Window seat in the living room, the sun is quite warm there right now. Before you go in there, I think I’d like to talk to you.”


“What about?” Shigure asked taking the cup of tea Yuki handed him as he sat down.


“In a second,” Yuki said, taking another cup through to his brother.


When he came back, he took the last cup, sitting down across from Shigure.


“I think you should stop encouraging Ayame to keep his feelings for Hatori-san to himself.”


“Yuki-chan, we went over this last night, Hatori-san isn’t going to understand.”


“That’s for them to decide, Shigure-san. Ayame was in tears when I got here this morning, and I don’t think it was because of his injuries, considering I had only just seen Hatori-san leave. It’s hurting him, Shigure-san, keeping it all bottled up inside, and I think you’re blinder than Aaya if you don’t think Hatori has feelings for him.”


“I’ve known them a lot longer than you, Yuki-chan.”


“That doesn’t mean you see everything. Do you know Hatori has been brushing his hair for him? Ayame doesn’t need help with that, I’ve seen him brush and braid his hair in seconds, without going anywhere near a mirror, when he’s focused on work. Hatori may not see it himself yet, but he must have felt something for Ayame for years. Even you don’t have the patience with him that Hatori-san has, and Hatori-san doesn’t show that kind of tolerance for anyone else. He puts up with Ayame’s prattle, and his hyperactivity, and his flights of fancy. He grounds him, he settles him, and he gives him a stable anchor.”


“He loves him.” Shigure finished, stunned.


“Bingo, so please, stop interfering, Shigure-san please let them figure this out for themselves.”


“All right, they can sink or swim without me getting in their way. Is he dressed? I thought we could take him for a walk while it’s warm.”


“Yes, he’s dressed.”


“Come on then, let’s go and drag him out for some air.”




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