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In the Dark (Part 5)


In the Dark (Part 5)

Author: amythest_n_ice

Rating: 15

Pairing: Will be Aaya/Tori

Spoilers/Warnings: Nope


Link to Part 4
Link to Part 6



Hatori sat behind Ayame on the sofa, running a brush through the mass of long silver hair, enjoying the peaceful moment with his old friend. He was pleased that all traces of the blood had come out. Ayame’s head fell forward, and Hatori smiled to himself as he realized the snake had fallen asleep. He carded his fingers through the silky lengths, making sure it was dry all the way through, then stood, putting the brush aside and gathering Ayame up in his arms, carrying him through to the bedroom.


After he settled Ayame in the bed he sat and watched him sleeping for a while, wondering about his friend. Ayame was always around, always trying to cheer everyone up, and always talking, but Hatori was slowly realizing that Ayame never really said anything, one of his oldest friends, and he knew virtually nothing about what went on his head anymore.  Maybe this would give them a chance to change that.




Shigure sat in his study, staring at his typewriter. He was supposed to be working, but as usual wasn’t. Just for a change though, it wasn’t a game to wind up his editor, he was worried. He was worried Aaya being with Hatori so much was going to make him say something stupid. He had promised earlier that he wasn’t going to say anything to Hatori about his feelings for the Dragon, but spending so much time with him, Shigure was concerned that even Hatori would cotton on. He really wished he could have brought Aaya here to recover, but Kyo wouldn’t have put up with it, and even Yuki’s guilt about Ayame’s injury might not have made him put up with having his brother here full time.


There was a knock at the door, and he looked up.


“Come in.”


Yuki slid the door aside and stepped in, looking at Shigure.


“Can I ask you something Shigure-san?”




“You were very quiet at dinner. I was wondering if Hatori-san told you something about ‘nii-san that he didn’t tell me, something bad?”


“No, I promise Yuki-chan, there is nothing more serious than you already know about. I am worried about your brother, but it really isn’t anything medical.”


“You’re worried about his crush on Hatori-san?”




“Even I’m not that oblivious, there has to be a reason that he is the only person ‘nii-san will obey, aside from the fact he’s the only person ‘nii-san can hear consistently. He… he looks at Hatori-san as if he’s the best thing in the whole world.”


“Does it bother you?”


“Not really. How long has he had this crush Gure-san?”


“Since he was younger than you are now.”


“God, that’s not a crush, that’s…..”


“Love, yes.”


“So why aren’t they together?”


“Because Hatori doesn’t know, and it should stay that way. He’s never going to get past what happened with Kana, and knowing how Aaya-chan feels about him will only drive a wedge into what they have now. At least they are friends.”


“That’s stupid, he isn’t like that. Hatori-san might not love him back, but he wouldn’t shut him out for his feelings.”


“Ayame can’t take that chance, he needs Hatori in his life too much to take the risk.”


Yuki shrugged, sighing. Shigure knew his friends better than he did, if he thought it was best to keep Ayame’s feelings from Hatori, he couldn’t really argue with the idea.


“You’re going to sit with onii-san tomorrow, when Hatori-san goes to work. May I come with you?”


“Of course, if you want to. Are you trying to make an effort to get along with him then?”


“It’s not as if I can make much of an effort when he can’t see or hear me, but, maybe it will make a difference to him to know that I’m there for him.”


“Good, then you should get some sleep. We’re going to have to leave at 7am to get there before Haa-san goes to work.”


“Thank you, I’ll make sure I’m up in time.”


Yuki left, and Shigure went back to his fretting.



Hmm, Shigure is pushing Aaya to say nothing, Hatori is going to be trying  to find out what's going on in his head, poor Aaya. I wonder what side Yuki will finally come down on.

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