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In the Dark (Part 3)

In The Dark (Part 3)

Author : amythest_n_ice

Pairing : Will be Aaya/Hatori

Warnings/Spoilers : none.


Link to Part 2
Link to Part 4

Ayame woke with a start as someone touched his face, jerking away from the cool fingers.


“Easy Aaya-chan, it’s just me. Come on, let’s get you dressed, I’m getting you out of here.” Hatori’s calm voice soothed, the nimble fingers absently starting to untangle the wealth of silver hair.


“Tori-san.” Ayame breathed, relaxing a little.


“Yes. I’m taking you home with me, until you’re better. I already went to your house and picked up some clothes and stuff for you, along with a selection of the crap from your bathroom,” Hatori said, pulling back the covers and guiding Ayame to the edge of the bed.


“I’ll wash your hair for you later, get the blood out.” Hatori told him, fingering the stained locks with a frown, he hoped the blood would wash away cleanly from the pale hair.


He helped the younger man out of the drab hospital gown, and into the layers of the one of the Yukata he favored. He was worried by the silence, as Aaya said nothing, simply allowing Hatori to manipulate his limbs as he would to get him changed.


“Talk to me Ayame, please,” he said, as he picked up a brush and started to brush out the long hair. Ayame shook his head, shoulders tightening, and Hatori felt his heart constrict as he realized the snake was crying, and trying to hide it from him. He dropped the brush and made Ayame sit on the edge of the bed, gently cupping the pale face between his hands.


“Hey, I know you’re scared Aaya, I know it’s horrible to lose a sense you rely on so much, but it is going to be ok. Shigure and I will look after you.” Hatori promised him. He glanced over as he heard the door click, and frowned darkly at Shigure and Yuki as they came in without knocking. Yuki took a step back, but Shigure ignored the glare, sailing into the room.


“Ah, Aaya-chan, you’re getting your bandages wet.” He chided, sweeping Hatori aside and grasping the thin fingers in his hands, clutching them melodramatically to his chest.


There was a sound midway between a laugh and a sob, and Shigure pulled the snake into his arms, resting his cheek on top of Ayame’s head for a moment.


“Yuki-chan and I came to stage a jailbreak, but it seems the dragon has beaten us to it. Oh, the shame, beaten by the staid and stuffy dragon,” Shigure said cheerfully as he could, feeling the distress of the youngest of their trio.


“If you’re quite finished with the amateur dramatics, Shigure, then I would like to finish brushing Ayame’s hair so that we can get out of here.” Hatori said haughtily, but Yuki saw the look that passed between them as they used their bickering to reassure Ayame that things were somewhere around normal.


“Um, maybe I should wait outside,” Yuki said, feeling a little superfluous.


“No, that’s OK Yuki-chan. Come on in.” Hatori told him, stepping around to pick up the hairbrush again.


Yuki came closer to the bed, watching as Hatori and Shigure between them worked to get Ayame ready to go and try to lift his mood a little, and he realized with a start that he was jealous, he was jealous that the other two found it so easy to get along with Ayame, and accept his flaws, jealous that they found it so easy to forgive him when he did something stupid, or thoughtless, or insensitive, jealous of their patience with him. He realized too that if there was to ever be any kind of relationship between him and his older brother, he would have to stop expecting Ayame to change to live up to his expectations, without bending a little in return.


He realized that Hatori was watching him, even as he ran the brush carefully through the silky mass of Ayame’s hair, and he smiled at the older juunishi.


“Ayame, would you like Yuki to finish brushing your hair, while Shigure and I go and find an orderly and finish getting you signed out?” Hatori asked, cocking a challenging brow at the Yuki.


“That would be….nice.” Ayame whispered, sounding shy for the first time in Yuki’s memory.


Yuki took the brush, carefully taking over the task as he was left alone with his ‘nii-san once more.



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